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Advanced & Innovative Laser Skin Resurfacing

You enjoy your life, your family and your friends. But the same years that have enhanced your life have taken the life from your skin. That’s not how your story has to end. At Eye Plastic Associates, we are dedicated to helping you achieve rejuvenation. Dr. Scott uses innovative techniques to help you look years younger.

An alternative to microdermabrasion or a chemical peel is fractional laser skin resurfacing. It is used to diminish the wrinkles, crow’s-feet, uneven pigmentation, dark circles under eyes and other telltale signs that sun, stress and life have left behind. Dr. Scott can help you reveal a refreshing, more youthful you. His experience and expertise are the reason so many area physicians and patients trust him.

Turning back time

Laser skin resurfacing can smooth the lines and damaged skin that have formed as a result of sun, wind or time. A gentle wash of laser light safely removes the damaged skin layer, revealing a fresh, new, healthy appearance. You will experience some redness, which may last several months. However, after a couple of weeks, you should be able to conceal this with mineral makeup. 

After your recovery period, you should see significant improvement in the quality and appearance of your skin. Anyone who faces the world with less-than-perfect skin can tell you that damaged skin can also damage your self-image. Exciting technological advances mean you can undo much of that damage. When you combine laser technology with a respected, caring doctor trained to use that technology, you’ll find the results are often better than you expected.

Laser skin resurfacing is highly effective at removing superficial layers of the skin in small increments, stimulating the production of fresh young skin cells and collagen. Fractional laser treatments work by targeting the water in the epidermis and dermis. The fractional laser resurfacing tip delivers hundreds of tightly spaced, individual beams of laser light energy for a controlled tightening of the top two layers of skin. The intervening, untreated skin can now rapidly fill in the treated area with brand-new skin that is tighter and smoother. This, combined with lower lid tightening and possible fat removal, can help the eyelids obtain a more youthful appearance. As with any lower eyelid procedure, this treatment will not eliminate muscle folds that occur across the lower lid with natural smiling. The tightening of the laser resurfacing is best-appreciated when the facial muscles are at rest. With fractional skin resurfacing, Dr. Scott can give your skin renewed look and texture.

Keep in mind that results vary according to the individual patient and the chosen procedure. Dr. Scott will explain all surgical procedures as any procedure, no matter how minor or major, has risks.

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