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Are you experiencing vision problems? Do you feel some discomfort or irritation in your eyes? Do you have a personal medical or family history of eye disorders? If you answered Yes to these questions, you need to see your eye doctor regularly.

Having vision issues is reason enough to seek medical intervention. But the urgency increases as you age. If youre 40 years old, speak with your eye doctor every two to four years. For people aged 55 to 65, you need to consult your doctor every one to three years. Beyond age 65, youd better get an eye checkup annually.

The frequency of these visits may increase if youve been diagnosed with diabetes or elevated blood pressure levels. Increased blood sugar levels can damage the delicate optic nerves; high blood pressure, on the other hand, may result in leaky blood vessels in the eyes.

If you want to stay on top of your eye health, you might want to consider these circumstances as motivating factors for you to see your eye doctor.

  • Got red or dry eyes? Are you seeing spots or noticing flashes of light? Are you increasingly become sensitive to light? Do you have itchy or swollen eyes?
  • Have you been diagnosed with glaucoma? Do you have cataracts? Or do you have a family history of these eye conditions?
  • As mentioned above, diabetes and high blood pressure can cause adverse effects on your vision.
  • Has it been a long time since youve had your eyes examined?
  • Do you have a problem driving a night or seeing incoming traffic or road signs?
  • Tired of eyestrain and its accompanying headaches and blurry vision?
  • Want to put a stop to dizziness or motion sickness due to eye problems?
  • Do you squint when you read? Do you need to pull or push away your book to see the words better?

If you answered Yes or can relate to any of these, its time to get your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist.