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Do you have dirt, dust or debris in your eyes? Do you frequently experience irritation due to constant use of contact lenses? Are your eyes red due to chlorinated pool water? Here are some of the simple solutions for eye irritation.

Riding a motorcycle or bike can be fun, but sometimes dust or dirt can get into the eyes. Ideally you should be wearing protective eyewear such as goggles to cover your eyes against airborne debris.

When something gets in your eyes, try not to scratch it off or use your fingers to remove the foreign object. Doing so will also aggravate the situation. Or worse, it will scratch your cornea, causing more serious damage.

If you feel like somethings stuck in your eye/s, rinse it our with warm running water.

Are your contact lenses causing eye redness or irritation? Youre probably not disinfecting them properly. When this happens, remove them and sterilize them accordingly.

On the other hand, wearing disposable contact lenses past their expiration date can cause irritation. No disinfecting helps. Your only solution here is to replace them. Ask your eye doctor for recommendations.

Have you experienced a ropy, pus-like secretion on the white portion of your eye? Pinkeye syndrome is a type of conjunctivitis. Generally caused by bacteria, the sticky discharge may start from one eye and spread over to the other.

For the ladies, makeup is usually worn, especially on a night out. Leaving on eye makeup may cause irritation because can get inside the eyes and cause redness. This may also result in watery eyes and blurry vision.

Wash your eyes with running water. Putting cool compress can also soothe the irritation. If its serious, call your doctor or go to a nearby emergency hospital. You might also want to consider throwing away your makeup.

Some medical conditions can cause dry eyes; Sjgren's syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis are two of those health problems. Blepharitis, on the other hand, causes a bacteria-triggered form of dandruff along the eyelids, resulting in flakes on the lashes. Ask your doctor for medications to control the dry eyes and dandruff-like conditions.