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Do you often find yourself having dry, red or irritated eyes? There are plenty of things that can cause the irritation. These factors may range from dry weather to airborne irritants. While prevention is the best cure, here are easy ways you can follow to fix eye irritation.

Are your eyes sensitive to pet dander, dust or dirt? Exposure to these elements will likely cause itchy, swollen, watery or red eyes. If this happens often, you probably have allergic conjunctivitis. Other irritants that trigger the allergic reaction include exposure chlorinated pool water and tobacco smoke.

To fix an allergic reaction, you can use over-the-counter antihistamine eyedrops, among other medications. You may also find relief when you place a cool compress over the affected eye; its a soothing remedy for the itchiness.

If foreign objects have entered your eyes, simply rinse them with warm, clean water. Items like dirt, sawdust and sand will usually wash out when rinsed. But be careful, because it may cause scratches on the cornea. For a soothing effect, you can use artificial tears.

As a rule, when you feel like something is stuck in your eyes, never use your finger or any object to retrieve it. Water is your primary weapon. But if that doesnt work or isnt ideal under the circumstances, secure your eyes by closing them and ask help from someone to drive you to the doctor.

Do your eyes itch due to irritation brought about by your contact lenses? Prolonged wearing beyond their recommended use can trigger soreness or inflammation, particularly in the cornea area. When your eyes become red or irritated, stop wearing your contacts. Disinfect them before putting them on again, or you can ask your doctor for a replacement.