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Too much TV won't cause blindness no matter what the distance

This may have been the case back in the 1960s, when television manufacturers sold radiation-emitting TV sets, but nearly all TVs are considered to be harmless since 1968.

However, the misleading notion that watching TV too close to the set will damage the vision remains today. Ophthalmologists debunk this myth. Excessively watching television will lead to eye fatigue and strain, which are common when watching from an unusual angle or up close.

Experts observed that parents blame the TV for their kids' nearsightedness. It could be that, in the first place, children watch TV up close due to refraction error that needs correction.

A study in 2007 showed that children failed to learn six to eight new words for each hour they watched television compared to kids who never watched TV. Another study in 2009 found no negative association.

To maintain healthy lifestyle and vision, experts always recommend moderation in TV watching.

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