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Third Time’s the Charm: A Patient Shares Her Blepharoplasty Story

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During a routine visit, Ellen’s ophthalmologist noticed impairment in her vision caused by drooping eyelids. To correct the problem, he recommended an upper eyelid blepharoplasty and referred her to Eye Plastic Associates, where she met Dr. Scott, whom she calls “very, very good.”

Still, Ellen had a case of cold feet. “We had to schedule my surgery three times,” she remembers. One cancellation was due to a COVID-based ban on elective procedures, but Ellen also had to overcome her nerves. “I wanted to do it, but I was a little nervous when I found out general anesthesia was involved,” she notes. “Dr. Scott was very patient, and I had an excellent relationship with him. His staff was equally pleasant to deal with.”

Once she faced her fears, Ellen’s recovery went as expected. “It was not anything terrible,” she says. “You expect to have a little discomfort and swelling, but it was nothing you couldn’t tolerate.”

Immediately, she noticed an improvement in her eyesight. “I hadn’t noticed how diminished my peripheral vision was,” she says. Without the excess skin in the way, “everything seemed really bright.” She has adjusted to that now. And though her procedure was not for cosmetic reasons, she notes that her eyes also look “infinitely better.”

When asked what advice she’d give other patients considering a blepharoplasty, Ellen quickly recommends Dr. Scott. “They have an excellent staff, and he’s an excellent doctor,” she says. “It’s the best place to achieve the best possible outcome.”

She also urges potential patients not to wait, noting, “I put it off too long. I should have done it a long time ago, and it was silly not to do that.” Having gone through the procedure, she now realizes her concerns were ill-founded, and she missed out on years of improved vision. “It’s one of those things you worry about, and afterward you think, ‘Why didn’t I do this five years ago?’” she says. “It was so simple!”