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Patient Story Of The Month: J.M.

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This month we are spotlighting a long-time patient, a diligent man who goes by J.M. J.M. first came to Dr. Scott over 20 years ago due to a severe infection behind his eye. At the time, his work involved working in his customer’s garages, many of whom had pets. While he would work, he often found himself working in an environment where he did not realize the pets had left something behind. Unfortunately, this resulted in J.M. getting E. coli in his sinuses, which subsequently spread to form an abscess pocket behind his eye.

As the infection gradually became worse, he sought help at a variety of different eye doctors. Each doctor he visited proscribed antibiotics in the hopes to correct the infection and reduce the inflammation,but it didn’t work. J.M.’s vison was worsening and the movement of his eye was restricted. It was at this point that he decided he needed more specialized help and he turned to Eye Plastic Associates.

Luckily, our team knew exactly what to do. “Dr. Scott removed most of the infection during my first operation,” he recalls. “Then I had to go back in again to remove even more later on. I ended up staying in the hospital for nine days, but by then, my eye was doing great. I don’t know what would have happened if Dr. Scott hadn’t helped me.”

Since that moment, J.M. has relied on Eye Plastic Associates for other treatments as well. Over the years, he has returned for several Botox treatments that he says have made a huge difference in his appearance. Last June, J.M. even decided to accept Dr. Scott’s recommendation for an eye lift, laser blepharoplasty with laser skin resurfacing, to help reduce the bags under his eyes. “He told me that, if I wanted to, he could take care of that for me, and he did. The bags under my eyes are gone and I feel great.”

Our team at Eye Plastic Associates is here for all patients, whether for serious health issues or cosmetic needs. No matter what brings you into our clinic, all patients are welcome.