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Don’t Stop The Music- DR. Scott Helps A Patient Keep Doing What He Loves

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Thomas Lee reports always having long eyelashes. But as he got older, they began to obstruct his vision, hanging down over the middle of his eye. His ophthalmologist recommended he see Dr. Scott — a move Thomas remembers as “refreshing because I had no idea that something could be done.”

Dr. Scott diagnosed Thomas with ptosis, a condition where the eyelid droops. He also explained that Thomas’ eyelids hadn’t been closing all the way and were drying out his eyes. Dr. Scott then explained he could perform surgery to correct both problems, and the pair agreed to approach treatment on one eye at a time.

Instead of being nervous before his procedures, Thomas says, “I was excited by the notion that this is something Dr. Scott does all the time.” Dr. Scott also made Thomas feel relaxed by keeping him informed. “He explained exactly what he planned to do,” Thomas remembers, “and he was very articulate and knowledgeable about everything. Dr. Scott also had a great personality; you just got the sense that you were in good hands.”

After the procedure, Thomas said, “I was expecting pain, but there was none whatsoever.” He is now seeing better and reports being “delighted by the results.” He also notes that he may have lost a wrinkle or two under his eyes, an outcome he calls “a bonus.

Thomas needs excellent vision to read music, which he has been performing all his life. He was a United States Marine Band member and played for six U.S. presidents, beginning with Lyndon B. Johnson and ending with George H.W. Bush.

From there, Thomas became involved in musicians’ unions. He ultimately served as president of the American Federation of Musicians, the largest musicians’ union in the world. Though he is now self-employed, Thomas notes, “My vision is really important in terms of reading contracts and the other documents that come to me. Any small deviation is noticeable immediately.”

He’s grateful for Dr. Scott’s efforts in improving his eyesight. Thomas even called Dr. Scott’s office after seeing him named a top doctor of the year by Northern Virginia Magazine. “I told his staff that I understood why he was named one of the top doctors — and that to be a top doctor, you must have a top-notch team,” Thomas remembers. “The entire office should enjoy the designation because it confirms just how good they are and how well they work together.”