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Can Your Procedure Be Done In-office? It’s More Likely Than You Think

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Many of our patients share the misconception that all procedures need to be performed in the hospital. While that’s true in some cases, we can accomplish quite a lot right here in our Fairfax office.

In addition to exams and consultations, we do many in-office procedures. Dr. Scott can remove multiple kinds of benign eyelid tumors including chalazions (styes), and he tries to get all eyelid growth/tumor treatments done on your first
visit, if possible. If the growth is on the upper eyelid, he asks patients to bring a driver. Since the procedure can cause temporary blurred vision from the use of a post-operative ointment, Dr. Scott may require two visits to resolve eyelid growths involving both eyes.

Other procedures we perform in the office include the removal of xanthelasma (eyelid cholesterol deposits), and misdirected lashes, which can irritate the ocular surface. Dr. Scott can also evaluate eyelid cancers in the office and
perform a biopsy to determine the correct course of treatment.

We also perform many aesthetic procedures in the office. They include Botox and fillers along with Kybella, which helps dissolve fat underneath the chin, and Thermage, which helps with laxity in the lower face. Our office can
also do mild to moderate chemical peels, which require no recovery time, except for some light skin peeling. Finally, we offer microdermabrasions. This procedure involves lightly sanding a patient’s skin with aluminum crystals. It gives the skin an extremely healthy glow — and it’s so fast and easy, you can do it on your lunch break.

While we can accomplish a great deal in our Fairfax office, we also partner with Fair Oaks Hospital, which is next door to our main office. They have a fantastic anesthesia and nursing team that Dr. Scott has enjoyed working with for many years. Some of the most common procedures done in a hospital setting are cosmetic or functional blepharoplasties with fractional laser resurfacing and eyelid cancer reconstruction following Mohs surgery — but there are many more.

Eye Plastic Associates has a state-of-the-art minor procedure room in our Fairfax office so that our patients’ experience can be as comfortable as possible. If you’re considering a treatment and are concerned about where it will be performed, don’t hesitate to ask. The process may be a lot easier than you think!