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Back to Normal Improving Your Mental Health One Step at a Time Jonathan Shares His Experience With Dr. Scott

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Jonathan has a genetic condition that predisposes him to basal cell carcinoma (BCC), so he regularly sees a dermatologist. When his doctor found a new BCC on his upper eyelid, he recommended Dr. Scott at Eye Plastic Associates to help confirm of the diagnosis and then subsequently perform the required eyelid reconstruction once the full tumor was removed by a Mohs surgeon.

Upon meeting Dr. Scott, Jonathan remembers him as being “short, sweet, and straight to the point. He was nice, and he was also kind of funny.” After taking a biopsy of the BCC, Jonathan says Dr. Scott explained in detail how the procedure would work. “He was very precise and very good at explaining what he was going to do,” Jonathan says.

Dr. Scott was initially concerned that Jonathan’s upper eyelid might not have enough elasticity for the reconstruction, and he thought he might have to take a piece of skin or muscle from elsewhere on Jonathan’s body. Jonathan had been prepared for that possibility but was thankful Dr. Scott completed the surgery with the eyelid’s existing skin.

After his surgery this summer, “I had to wear an eye patch for about a week,” Jonathan remembers. “It was relatively painless. With the stitching from the reconstruction, it was more annoying and itchy, and there was a temptation to scratch it.” But with the help of time, eye drops, and some ointments, he made it through and is enjoying his new cancer-free eyelid.

Jonathan graduated from Virginia Tech in May with a degree in theater. He has just finished an IT internship at his father’s engineering company, and he’s looking forward to starting his career as an actor. “I also do a little bit of screenwriting and filmmaking,” he notes. In his downtime, he’s been a big roller coaster enthusiast for over a decade, and he says his favorite is probably Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point in Sandusky.

“I’m definitely happy with the work Dr. Scott did,” Jonathan says. Prior to the surgery, he was warned that his eyelid might not work the same as it had before. “It was a major concern,” he says, “but my eyelid works perfectly.” Having regained full eye functionality, Jonathan is now looking forward to his post-college life, along with a new career on stage and screen.