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All In The Family, Don And Jeanette Share Their Experience With Dr. Scott

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In 2017, Don visited Eye Plastic Associates for an upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery to correct his field of vision. The outcome of his surgery was so impressive that earlier in 2021, his wife Jeanette followed suit.

Their journey started during a routine eye exam. Don’s optometrist pointed out that his field of vision had been reduced significantly over the years due to eyelid drooping and excess skin. The optometrist recommended Dr. Scott, so Don decided to visit him.

Referring to his lower blepharoplasty, Don says, “I had real big protruding pockets. Dr. Scott said he could fix it, and he did.” He’s particularly amazed at how natural the results have been. “He said no one would ever know I had surgery, and he was exactly right.”

So, when Jeanette began experiencing similar problems with her vision, she also decided to see Dr. Scott. Though she originally intended to have only upper and lower blepharoplasty performed, Dr. Scott also recommended a ptosis surgery on one eye. “I had a droopy eye,” Jeanette says. “My mother had it, and she never had anything done, so I thought it was a hereditary condition. But Dr. Scott said it could be corrected.”

Jeanette had her ptosis surgery in January, and she needed several months of downtime before proceeding with the blepharoplasty in June. “I’m really pleased with the work, and I’m glad I had it done,” she says. “In pictures, I can see a difference.” But nobody else seems to have noticed the surgery, which is precisely what Jeanette wanted. “I guess what made me finally have the surgery is that no one noticed my husband had it done. We’ve got three grown kids, and they don’t even know.”

Both Don and Jeanette were pleased with their recovery, though they note they were grateful to have each other’s help. “My husband says everything went great,” Jeanette jokes, “but he doesn’t say anything about how well I took care of him!” They also agree they received excellent care from everyone at Eye Plastic Associates.

“Dr. Scott sits down and talks to you and explains the procedure,” Don says. “His bedside manner is very professional, unlike most doctors I’ve seen. I was very, very happy with the whole procedure, and I would recommend him to anyone who might need this type of surgery.”