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A Piece of Cake- Marla Shares Her Surgery Experience

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When we caught up with Dr. Scott’s patient, Marla, about 12 weeks had passed since her surgery, and she’d just returned from a cruise. Before visiting Eye Plastic Associates, she had been experiencing problems with her peripheral vision due to droopy upper eyelids. Now, she’s seeing better than ever and enjoying life.

Marla visited Dr. Scott for an upper lid blepharoplasty at the recommendation of her retina specialist. During her consultation, she had concerns about her lower eyelids as well, and Dr. Scott recommended a lower lid blepharoplasty and fractional laser skin resurfacing to reduce signs of aging.

“One of my girlfriends had her upper lids done years ago,” Marla says. “She told me, ‘The first week isn’t fun, the second week is better, and on the third week, you change your Facebook picture!’” Due to preexisting eye conditions and adding on the lower eyelid surgery, Marla’s recovery has been a little slower. She is still experiencing a small amount of numbness in her right upper eyelid, “but I can feel it getting better every day,” she says. And she is definitely enjoying the benefits of her surgery.

“People can’t sneak up on my right side anymore,” Marla notes, “and I’m seeing a lot better.” The cosmetic effects have also been welcome. “Every one of my girlfriends has told me it looks so good,” she says. “And while I don’t know if it’s actually true, I feel like my eyelashes have gotten longer!”

Marla retired from her job as a federal officer about five years ago, but before that, she also had careers in law, telecommunications, and food. Today, she runs her own cheesecake business. “Dr. Scott’s office has ordered from me, which is nice,” she says. She also has two adult children and “an amazing daughter-in-law.” She enjoys spending time with all of them and raising her two puppies.

When asked about her experience with Eye Plastic Associates, Marla says, “Dr. Scott is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He brings everything down to your level and doesn’t talk above your head.” She also has high praise for office manager Dawn, who she calls “phenomenal.”

“The office staff was all great,” she says. “No question was dumb — they are happy to do whatever it takes to make you feel better.”