Thermage NXT Device

The Thermage NXT Device can provide outstanding results for anyone looking to tighten the facial skin without a surgical or inpatient procedure. The device is what is known as a monopolar capacitive radiofrequency device. What exactly does that mean and what does it do? Let's talk about it...

In the simplest of terms, the ThermaCool NXT System heats up the deeper layers of skin and tissue and causes the collagen cells to ball up into tight little packages. This contraction causes a tightening effect that is often seen immediately. A common question about the device is that if it uses heat as the catalyst for the collagen contraction, how will it affect the outermost layers of skin? You know, the skin people see!

This is what makes the Thermage treatment so fascinating. While the device heats up the underlying tissue, it simultaneously cools the epidermis. This allows the treatment to be performed while protecting the outer most layer of skin. The result?

A safe and effective way to tighten the skin by collagen remodeling.

Another benefit of the way the system works, is that as new collagen cells form in the deeper skin layers, they tend to crowd together with the contracted cells, further enhancing the effectiveness. It is not uncommon for the patient to see continued improvement for several months after the initial tightening.

This tool allows Dr. Scott to provide Thermage treatments while fully controlling the heat intensity and depth while producing very fast results, without the painful recovery time associated with invasive surgery.

As a Thermage patient, you get stable, immediate and consistent collagen remodeling which can help you look years younger.

This system uses patented high technology to produce fast, safe and very effective skin tightening. Dr. Scott has the newest ThermaCool system and will be happy to discuss the device or the procedure - just call for a consultation at 703-620-4300 or e-mail us at

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